Rapid Deployment Transport (RDT) is what happens when a company that is great at trucking and 3PL (Third Party Logistics) focuses on our client’s needs.

Using both asset and non-asset based solutions, Rapid Deployment Transport crafts custom solutions.

Quick, Responsive, & Specialized

The team at Rapid Deployment Transport prides itself on providing agile, responsive, and specialized service.

Experience with military and government contracts, RDT’s ability to handle large, over-sized freight is one of the things that separate us from our competition.

Over-dimensional, Over-sized & Complicated?

Do you have an over-sized, over-dimensional, complicated logistics problem that needs to get solved? With over 20 years of experience, the team at Rapid Deployment Transport has been able to engineer, develop and execute custom solutions for their clients and customers.



The ability to carry a load that exceeds the per-axle limits, but not the overall weight limits.



Full truckloads are typically freight shipments that can weigh up to 45,000 lbs. and up to 53ft of space.

Less Than Truckload

Less than Truckload

LTL shipments are palletized or loose shipments weighing between 150lbs and 15000lbs.

Courier Van

Courier Vans

A simple, enclosed non-climate controlled vehicle that carries general cargo that does not require refrigeration.

Refrigerated (Reefer)

Refrigerated (Reefer)

An insulated, climate controlled and refrigerated vehicle used to carry perishable items such as food and medical supplies.



If you ship freight, you know how it feels to be in a a situation that requires something delivered immediately.

Container Drayage

Container Drayage

Container drayage is the transport of containerized shipments. These shipments originate or conclude at port or rail terminals.



We provide the ability for short- or long-term freight storage at warehouses nationwide.

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